02 Oct

Marketplace Recap in the Cincinnati Business Courier

With a headline proclaiming “a surprisingly big turnout from donors,” the Business Courier’s Chris Wetterich posted a quote-filled overview of the Transform Cincinnati Marketplace event. Most significantly, Wetterich reports that Transform Cincinnati Founder Dick Rosenthal is confident that at least some of the projects presented will be funded:

“There will be ongoing conversations and discussions between the funders and the originators of the projects. They’re going to want to meet. They’re going to want to explore more deeply how these projects will roll out,” Rosenthal said.

Read the full story at the Business Courier.

27 Aug

Cincinnati Enquirer: Transform Finalists Aiming Big

The Enquirer’s Amber Hunt published “The ideas are in. Now, they just need money” in today’s Business section of the Cincinnati Enquirer. This article comes out just as Transform Cincinnati announced the six finalists for 2015.

The finalists will present their ideas at a private event on September 30, in a forum Hunt noted “would likely seem familiar to fans of the TV show ‘Shark Tank.'” While the comparison is understandable, Transform Cincinnati is aiming for a more congenial, less confrontational atmosphere.

Transform Cincinnati Founder Dick Rosenthal is feeling positive about the process: “‘We have had a number of people write to us to say thank you for making us think really big,’” Rosenthal said. “’They say that they’ve gone outside of their comfort zones with huge ideas.’”

Read the full article online.

18 Jun

Nearly 150 bold ideas pitched to Transform Cincinnati

Transform Cincinnati’s call for bold new ideas generated nearly 150 proposals from a wide array or organizations and individuals in the Greater Cincinnati area. Dick Rosenthal, founder of Transform Cincinnati, responded to the news: “In a word, I am stunned.  by We were told that we would have 40 to 50 applications very likely. That we got so many says to me that this idea has been waiting to surface.”

Applications, which were due by midnight on June 15, considered the following criteria:

  • Are uniquely suited to Greater Cincinnati
  • Accelerate the pulse and vibrancy of the community as Cincinnati strives to rank among the top 10 cities where people want to live, work, play and stay
  • Demonstrate lasting impact
  • Continue to be new, fresh and scalable after the initial launch
  • Have proof of success either in Cincinnati or elsewhere demonstrating that the project will accomplish bold change
  • Offer clear measures of success that can be tracked and celebrated
  • Include evidence of financial stability and organizational leadership to effect long-term change

Read more in Amber Hunt’s article, Nearly 150 bold ideas pitched to Transform Cincinnati, for the Cincinnati Enquirer.

08 Jun

Transform Cincinnati on Local 12’s Newsmakers

The June 7 edition of Local 12 Newsmakers begins with Dick Rosenthal’s definition of success: “Success begins where other people quit.”

Channel 12’s Dan Hurley interviewed Transform Cincinnati founder Dick Rosenthal and consultant Susan Ingmire to learn more about the Transform Cincinnati initiative.

After playing a clip from Dick’s 2013 recognition as a “great living Cincinnatian,” Hurley explores the timing and motives of the Transform Cincinnati initiative, and invites Mr. Rosenthal to share what he considers to be big, transformative ideas for the region. Ms. Ingmire, meanwhile, outlines the current philanthropic climate in Greater Cincinnati and describes some existing projects which could realize significant impact on the region.

Video of the interview can be viewed on Channel 12’s site.