About Transform Cincinnati

Q1. Why is this initiative needed?

Q2. Who is funding Transform Cincinnati’s work?

Q3. Why not let an existing organization that already has an infrastructure, such as the Haile Foundation, Greater Cincinnati Foundation, or United Way lead this process?

Q4. Will Transform Cincinnati fund organizations, or just specific projects?

Q5. Do you expect to do this again in the future?

Application and Review Process

Q6. Does the project have to be in the City of Cincinnati proper (vs. surrounding communities)?

Q7. Who will select finalists for presentation?

Q8. How will the finalists present their ideas?

Q9. Can multiple organizations team up to submit a single idea?

Q10. Can an individual or organization submit more than one idea?

Q11. Who owns the idea after it is presented?

Q12. How will successful applicants be informed? What about those that are not successful?

Funding Priorities

Q13. Has Transform Cincinnati identified specific priorities?

Q14. How do you define significant impact?

Q15. Can you share the areas that you consider to be bold, game-changing or transformative?