The deadline for submitting applications to Transform Cincinnati for 2015 has passed.

We do plan to make this an annual process, so if you missed the opportunity to apply this year, please review our application criteria below and begin thinking about projects that could transform our city.

Seeking Bold Solutions

Transform Cincinnati is seeking bold solutions that will have a lasting impact on the quality of life in Greater Cincinnati. For successful applicants, we are providing the unique opportunity for potential, large-scale funding, expertise and broad exposure for their ideas.

Only bold projects with the capacity to transform Greater Cincinnati for generations to come and requiring private or philanthropic investment in a range of up to $10 million will be presented to potential funders. Never before have individuals with the capacity to fund significant community-based projects been able to learn about a range of qualified opportunities in one place at one time.

Application Criteria

Transform Cincinnati seeks projects that:

  • Are uniquely suited to Greater Cincinnati
  • Accelerate the pulse and vibrancy of the community as Cincinnati strives to rank among the top 10 cities where people want to live, work, play and stay
  • Demonstrate lasting impact
  • Continue to be new, fresh and scalable after the initial launch
  • Have proof of success either in Cincinnati or elsewhere demonstrating that the project will accomplish bold change
  • Offer clear measures of success that can be tracked and celebrated
  • Include evidence of financial stability and organizational leadership to effect long-term change

Download a copy of the application criteria.

With many options for investment, Transform Cincinnati does not have a bias or focus on any particular area of impact. Rather, we welcome any ideas that may ignite funders’ passions. Transform Cincinnati is strictly a connector and facilitator.