About Us

Transform Cincinnati recruits and connects individuals with the financial capacity, motivation and determination to effect extraordinary, large-scale community change with ideas from not-for-profit and for-profit organizations. We seek bold solutions that will have a lasting impact on the quality of life in Greater Cincinnati.

Today couldn’t be a better time for significant investment in Greater Cincinnati’s future and to see a return on that investment. The momentum generated by over a decade of hard work to revitalize downtown and the urban core, reform public education, create new businesses and jobs, refresh neighborhoods, and attract and retain a talented workforce, is paying dividends.

I also appreciated the opportunity to hear about all of the hard work that is going on in Cincinnati … for Cincinnati.  I get in my little world and forget to look up.  It was refreshing to hear that Cincinnati teems with people who are working hard to make our city a better place to live for everyone.

Cynthia Moore, Director of Grants, UC Health

Our Purpose

Since the early 1800s, Cincinnati has benefitted from the engagement of community “investors” – people who gave of themselves and their resources to elevate the region in a profound way.

While our region is fortunate to continue to have many generous individuals, Transform Cincinnati seeks to enhance the ranks of these significant, individual funders of regional initiatives, and to facilitate the development of ideas that inspire, engage and involve new generations of funders and investors.

What Distinguishes Transform Cincinnati

Initiatives presented to potential investors will be pre-screened. Only projects that clearly meet our criteria and require up to $10 million of private/philanthropic investment will be presented to potential funders.
Transform Cincinnati will gather high-level funders in one place, where they are under no obligation to commit, yet are open to investing their resources to seize big opportunities or solve big problems to achieve big goals.
With many options for investment, Transform Cincinnati does not have bias or focus on any particular area of impact. Rather, we welcome any ideas that may ignite funders’ passions. Transform Cincinnati is strictly a connector and facilitator.

There are so many things about this that will be used and helpful long after tonight is over. One of my top 3 priorities as I came onto the 4C team was to revamp our own messaging. I knew where I wanted us to go but wondered how to help the team understand what needed to change… and why! Working on this project has been the perfect catalyst for that priority. Serendipitous timing for sure – but it was the way in which Transform pushed the projects to clarify and simplify that helped shore up what I had been telling the team.

Vanessa Freytag, Executive Director, 4C for Children

Who is Involved

Transform Cincinnati was conceived by Richard Rosenthal and has drawn on the experience and involvement of leading community organizations such as ArtsWave, the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, Haile/U.S. Bank Foundation, Interact for Health, the Jewish Federation and United Way. It brings together:

  • Individual funders who have the resources and desire to invest in an important community issue or seize an opportunity to boldly improve the future of Cincinnati as an exceptional place to live, work, learn or play.
  • Applicants interested in presenting, in one place at one time, extraordinary change-making projects to potential individual funders.