27 Aug

Cincinnati Enquirer: Transform Finalists Aiming Big

The Enquirer’s Amber Hunt published “The ideas are in. Now, they just need money” in today’s Business section of the Cincinnati Enquirer. This article comes out just as Transform Cincinnati announced the six finalists for 2015.

The finalists will present their ideas at a private event on September 30, in a forum Hunt noted “would likely seem familiar to fans of the TV show ‘Shark Tank.'” While the comparison is understandable, Transform Cincinnati is aiming for a more congenial, less confrontational atmosphere.

Transform Cincinnati Founder Dick Rosenthal is feeling positive about the process: “‘We have had a number of people write to us to say thank you for making us think really big,’” Rosenthal said. “’They say that they’ve gone outside of their comfort zones with huge ideas.’”

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